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So. IDK if I’m just slow or anything, but it was only last night that it struck me right out of the blue that the two people most important to Tsukishima Kei’s character development are parallels to each other.

Both couldn’t make it as regulars for Karasuno and tried to make up for their lack of talent through hard work and Tsukki bore witness to both of their efforts.

But where Akiteru sparked a low in Tsukki’s attitude towards volleyball, Yamaguchi sparked the beginnings of a high. And you know how us Tsukkiyama fans keep harping on the fact that Yamaguchi stayed by Tsukki’s side through the years through thick and thin? In vivid contrast, Akiteru, who was depicted as THE constant in Tsukki’s life in his childhood, left Tsukki when he moved for college.

Where Akiteru failed, Yamaguchi is beginning to succeed and he found his own unique way to make it onto the court. His first point for the team in c119 (probably would have) shattered Tsukki’s belief that hardwork and passion could only come to naught - a belief that came into being because of what happened to Akiteru.

So yeah… Pardon me to go lie down and drown in my feels for a bit… Furudate-sensei, idk if you did it on purpose or not but either way, this was a stroke of genius ; v ;


#nnNNGhHnGGHHH #okay tho i dont like the way op kinda implied akiteru just up and left kei behind tho? #like the age difference is going to make it impossible for akiteru to always physically stay by kei’s side #and since yama and kei are the same age it’s easier for yamaguchi to be able to stay by kei’s side #but not being joined at someone’s hip doesnt necessarly mean they’ve up and left for good #akiteru was trying to move forward but he was never going to leave kei behind #he kept coming back to kei #it was kei that shut him out completely and refused to meet akiteru halfway #and akiteru can’t really do anything when kei is being like that #but he’ll always still come back to kei hoping maybe this time things will be different #kei never pushed yamaguchi away at least not in the same way he did akiteru #but remember the panel where kei yells at yama to go on ahead without him and yama does? yeah #im not saying yama was leaving him behind at that point either but rather it was showing that yamaguchi like akiteru was moving forwad #akiteru and yama were trying to move on it was kei that was remaining stagnant #however neither of them will ever truly leave kei behind #they both came back for him #however yamaguchi needed to snap kei out of his self-defeatist ruminating so he could finally accept his brother back in his life #bc even tho akiteru may have been a constant in his childhood i dont think kei could have had a fulfilling teenhood without him #he needed tomake up with his brother before he could fully move forward and catch up with him and yamaguchi #and now akiteru is back as a constant in his life and akiteru is helping kei with his growth and helping him learn to love it again #nnnngggghh i’m sorry im way too invested in the tsukibro’s relationship it’s just so very incredibly important to me #and i have a lot of feelings about this ot3 in general hhhhhhh

Seriously, I agree with colonelchansan. Aki did in no way leave Kei behind. He can’t live at home forever. Children just leave home one day. Just because he left for college doesn’t mean he left Kei. Moreover, Aki might have left coz he couldn’t stand being home anymore. Maybe he couldn’t take Kei-chan shutting him out like that. I know I couldn’t take it. Feeling like a complete failure is already hard enough but having your most important person being dissappointed in you, not smiling at you anymore and rarely talking to you while you would probably need that more than ever is more than anyone could take. Sure, Yamaguchi stayed at Kei’s side and that’s great and all. I think being Kei’s friend is already challenging enough btw. But Yamaguchi and Aki are not the same. Why would Yamaguchi ‘leave’ his only friend? It’s not like Kei changed completely and Yamaguchi had to suffer because of it. The only person Kei-chan changed his attitude towards is his brother. Yams had no reason to stop being Kei’s friend.


ugghh my tags like i get what op was trying to say i just get so defensive about akiteru i love that boy to death i will protect him and his love for otouto with my life 

I nearly reposted that op post with your tags … ^^” like .. all the tags … just coz I couldn’t agree more. But I managed to stop myself. I just love Aki so much … I rarely get protective of fictional characters …. but yeah … you caught me at a weak moment. XD


Hosoya Yoshimasa + Sports Animes
“When I entered training school, there was a manager who always looked after me. Before that person quit the place, the last thing that person brought to me was an audition for TeniPuri. I heared the results on a public phone outside of work. When I heard that I passed, I shouted in the lobby, “I really passed the auditions!” because I was super happy… I feel like I was able to return the favor a bit.”Hosoyan on how he started as a seiyuu (PairPuri Vol. 2)
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